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Members from both Cathcart Trinity and Cathcart UF Church make up the Wider World Mission Team. We focus on supporting our own missionary partners throughout the world. Newsletters, and other news of our missionaries and others, are received, then passed on to the team members. We also focus on countries where there is persecution of minorities, mainly Christians, and of human rights workers. Raising awareness is done through speakers, presentations, petitions, card writing groups and the church magazine. Our ministers are made aware of situations requiring prayer and the relevant politicians are advised of concerns requiring action. Meetings organised by CSW, Release International and other groups are attended and reported to the team, and where appropriate, to the church members. Financial support comes directly from the churches and individual members, and also from concerts and other fundraising events held from time to time.



The Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) Letter Writing Group meets periodically on Monday evenings in the Small Hall at Cathcart UF between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. The purpose of the group is to shine light into darkness by writing to Christians in prison because of their faith. In the face of rising restrictions on religious freedom around the world, we want the church to live out God’s call for us to seek justice on behalf of those facing oppression or persecution.




On 22nd September 2017, Catriona from Cathcart UF (pictured) headed back to Malawi with the Malawi Leaders of Learning (MLOL) charity for 3½ weeks.


MLOL is a partnership between Glasgow City Council Education Services and Malawi's South West Division - Glasgow teachers and education staff share their expertise and skills with their counterparts in Africa.


On her trip to Malawi in June 2012, Catriona spent 5 weeks working in Blantyre at Nyambadwe Lions Primary School. During her 2017 trip she spent time working alongside teachers in the Henry Henderson Institute, a large primary school, also in Blantyre.


Catriona is back from Malawi and would like to thank everyone for support given in prayers, gifts and money, all of which were much appreciated.


She found the trip challenging, but rewarding, and feels the MLOL project is making a difference.


Catriona is now sharing Happy, Sad, Amazing highlights of her Malawian experience at her school's assemblies (see picture).


She recently shared about her time in Malawi at the Cathcart United Free Women's Association meeting on Tuesday 20th February 2018. For further details see here.


You can follow Catriona's updates on Twitter at @CatrionaBrown6

Here are some pictures from Catriona's 2017 trip to Malawi.

A message from Catriona


Dear All,


A sincere thank you to all who supported my adventures in Malawi in 2017 with prayer, money, gifts and word of encouragement. It all meant a lot to me.


As a Malawi Leader of Learning (MLOL) with Glasgow City Council I was with 9 other teachers for 4 weeks. We worked in local Primary Schools and Under 6 centres all of which were linked to Mary's Meals and recipients of daily porridge.


My task at school was to work alongside teachers modelling current teaching strategies we use in Glasgow. It was challenging, frustrating and rewarding.


Having been out with the MLOL charity five years ago when it was first initiated I was much encouraged on this visit to find progress in the schools. I saw more group work and pupil engagement than I had seen previously and Head Teachers and Managers driving for school improvement.


For more info please check out:


Thanks to you all


Catriona x

Please email if you have any questions about any of the above.

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