A picture of the outside front of Cathcart United Free Church, with the words Cathcart United Free Church of Scotland showing.
A picture of the outside front of Cathcart United Free Church, with the words Cathcart United Free Church of Scotland showing.
Cathcart United Free Church of Scotland
Cathcart United FreeChurch of Scotland


Christian Unity in Cathcart 

by Ian Duff from Cathcart Trinity Church of Scotland

(taken from April/May 2011 Stedfast - The Magazine of The United Free Church of Scotland)

On Sunday evening, 20th February 2011, a service was held in Cathcart Trinity Church of Scotland to celebrate the signing of a Covenant with Cathcart United Free Church. This is the formalisation of a long standing relationship of co-operation between the two congregations which it is hoped will allow the Christian churches in the area to engage more effectively with the wider community in Cathcart.


The service was well attended with members of both congregations, friends and visitors from churches across Glasgow. Rev Jim Neil, the former minister of Cathcart United Free Church and his wife Janette were amongst those in attendance.


Following a welcome from Rev lain Morrison of Cathcart Trinity Church a number of members from both congregations spoke of the growth in activity that has resulted from this arrangement including Bible Study House Groups, monthly prayer breakfasts, the formation of a monthly meeting group for ladies as well as the successes of the Cathcart Youth Ministry Partnership which both congregations support in conjunction with Cathcart Baptist Church.


As John Fulton explained this relationship has enabled the churches to be more effective together than they could be working separately - the sum of the whole being greater than that of each of the parts.


The service was marked by uplifting songs of praise celebrating the path that God has led and the journey of faith that the congregations have embarked upon. The sermon was preached by Rev Bruce McDowall of Uddingston Park United Free Church and focussed on the Church as one body working together to the Glory of God and the enthusiasm that the congregations can have knowing that they are fulfilling the teachings of Christ by working in Partnership to serve the community.


The service concluded with the celebration of Communion led by Rev Wilma Pearson following which the congregation moved to the halls for refreshments and the opportunity to meet one another.


This was an evening of true celebration and, it is hoped, the start of new growth in the work of the churches in Cathcart.



The signing of the Covenant between Cathcart United Free Church and Cathcart Trinity Church of Scotland.


Sunday 20th February 2011.


Photograph shows: Rev lain Morrision (Cathcart Trinity), Maria Campbell (Session Clerk Cathcart Trinity), Rev John Fulton (Cathcart UF), Mr Angus Pender (UF Presbytery), Lesley Mathieson (Session Clerk Cathcart UF), Rev Dr Angus Kerr (Glasgow Presbytery), Rev Wilma Pearson (Cathcart Trinity).

See a copy of the 2018 renewal of the Cathcart Covenant agreement here.

Some of the activities in which we co-operate with Cathcart Trinity Church.




Sofa Groups are about fellowship and exploring the Bible. Sofa Groups generally meet in the homes of Cathcart Trinity or Cathcart United Free members. Everyone is welcome to join. Meeting times of the various groups are:


Monday 9.45am - 11.30am (2nd and 4th Monday of the month) at Cathcart UF

Tuesday 7.30pm (fortnightly - 2 locations)

Wednesday 7.30pm (1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month - 2 locations)

Saturday 8.30am - 10am (last saturday of the month)


If you wish to come along to a group, and one of these times suits, then please

contact Alison Ogilvie at disneydog26@gmail.com



Moments Café is a friendly place for those living with dementia and those who share life with them.


As well as the tea room with home baking, there are enjoyable activities which foster creativity, engaging with others and reminiscing.


Moments Café is held at Cathcart Trinity Church on the 1st & 3rd Monday of every month between 2pm and 3.30pm.


All that is asked for is a £2.50 donation.

Money raised resources the café.


For further information contact Wilma at WPearson@churchofscotland.org.uk



A lunchtime service is held in the Mid Hall of Cathcart Trinity Church, between 12.45pm and 1.15pm.

A light lunch of tea, coffee, sandwiches and biscuits is served beforehand at 12noon.

No lunch is served during the summer; only tea, coffee and biscuits after the service.

MESSY CHURCH meets at Cathcart Trinity Church on the 3rd Saturday of each month

4pm - 6pm. 


Messy Church is a fun way of doing church & exploring God's big story together.  The usual format is that we do various activities and crafts for the first 45 mins – 1 hour, from which you can choose to do none, some, or all of them, then sometimes we do an activity or game altogether, followed by the celebration time, which is usually an interactive story from the Bible, a song or two, and a short prayer.  We spend the last half hour enjoying a meal together.  It’s always a fun afternoon and a great way to worship God, meet people, build relationships, and to have a night off from cooking!


All are welcome at Messy Church – it is especially aimed at families, but it is for EVERYONE! Children must bring an adult along with them. There is no charge to attend Messy Church or for the meal, however there is a donation basket at the door if you wish to contribute to the costs.


If you want more information, or if you have any questions, please contact wilma@cathcarttrinity.org.uk


Check out Messy Church Cathcart facebook page and 'like' to get updates direct to your own News Feed!



True fellowship combines social and spiritual interaction, and it’s made possible only through a living relationship with Christ.


The idea behind Connect Mens Fellowship, is to build relationships with other men within our congregation. We build friendships and faith by connecting through in-house nights and informing of events outwith, that would be of interest.


For more info e-mail: connect@cathcarttrinity.org.uk

We also co-operate with Cathcart Trinity Church in prayer meetings (see here), and wider world mission (see here).

For more of What's On at Cathcart Trinity Church see here.

Please email office@cathcartuf.org.uk for any further details about the above activities.

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